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In her autobiographical first novel, Wild Swans, Jung Chang narrates the story of three amazing women: her grandmother, her mother and herself. A fascinating account of Chinese history that spans from 1909, when the country was ruled by warlords, to the 1990s and the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution.

Isabel’s Daughter, written by Judith Hendricks, focuses on Avery James and on her journey from a founding home in Colorado to the art élite of Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s there that, piece after piece, she puts together the puzzle of the mother she never knew.

Two books, five strong women – it doesn’t matter whether they are real or fictional. And again: two book and two authors who, with their skilful words, are able to bring times and places to life.


  1. Wild Swans is brilliant! Isabel's daughter sounds like a great read too, I'll look out for it!

  2. Yes, I'd definitely recommend reading Isabel's Daughter. I came across it completely by chance: I had agreed to swap books with a reader on and she sent me the wrong book... it turns out it was a lucky mistake!


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