First impressions can be deceptive!

My two new recommendations are books that I wouldn't have normally picked up myself but that I ended up enjoying a lot.

First up is A Special Relationship - by Douglas Kennedy. It tells the story of Sally Goodchild, an American who falls in love with British fellow journalist Tony Hobbs. She gets pregnant, they marry and, taking advantage of her post-natal depression, he takes their baby away from her soon after his birth. Battle ensues. Now, I thought: how can a male author successfully narrate this story from the female point of view? I was sceptical. After reading the book I still don't know how he has done it but I do know that it is possible.

My second recommendation is Save Karyn - by Karyn Bosnak. A young woman moves to New York for work and - shop after shop, beauty salon after beauty salon - ends up owing lots of money to lots of people. Not seeing a way out, she builds a website telling her story and asking people to contribute to her salvation. She does it out of sheer desperation, not really believing that people would give anyone anything without a personal return. The result: many offensive letters and, surprisingly, a little money from a lot of people. Not just a book about a person useless with money, rather a true story to teach you that there are still good people around.


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