Book review: Serious Drawings

By Marc Johns
Published by teNeues

When life gets too serious, this is a great book to have at hand. All you need to do is randomly open a page and you will find a smile spreading across your lips!

If the title could be misleading, the picture on the cover will reassure you that the adjective associated to these drawings is not to be taken literally. The men and the strange creatures that populate the world of Canadian artist Marc Johns might never be found smiling but they actually help us not to take life too seriously.

Fashion, consumerism, religion… nothing is off-limits for Marc Johns and his drawing tools!

Divided between ink and watercolour drawings on paper and drawings on yellow sticky notes, we find two-headed men, pipes that are trying to quit smoking, advice on how to wear antlers, hovering people and oddly-shaped creatures with their own dreams and fears. Not to mention flying moustaches and beards that grow pretty much anywhere!

Simple and terribly communicative, you will become addicted to the dry wit of these drawings. Seriously!


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