Book review: Clan

By David P Elliot

The first novel written by David P Elliot, ‘CLAN’ is hard to define. Supernatural thriller? Mystery novel? Historical fiction? Horror story? I am confident in saying that it is a perfect blend of all these genres and even more, as it also touches on themes such as the importance of family and the value of friendship.

‘CLAN’ intertwines past and present, taking its readers from the 14th century – where a battle over the Throne of Scotland is under way – to the present times and back again. In 2007 England, David Elliot starts on a journey of self-discovery accompanied by his daughter, Kate, his son-in-law and his baby grandson, Thomas. Their destination is the borders of Scotland, where the Elliot family stems from and where David, interested in genealogy, hopes to find out more about his ancestors. What he cannot imagine is that his family is in great danger. Lord William de Soulis is waiting for them, observing them using his supernatural powers and aided by his evil familiar, Robin Red Cap. After fighting to become King of Scotland and being imprisoned in spirit form in the sinister Hermitage Castle for hundreds of years after his death, he is plotting to come back into the world. To do that he needs to sacrifice someone whose bloodline is meaningful to him. Someone who happens to be travelling to the borders of Scotland with three loving family members...

Find out more about this battle between Good and Evil in this page-turning novel. Well researched, informative and involving, it will make you want to read more from this author, whose pen will hopefully give us soon another thrilling read.


  1. This sounds like a really great book, def. adding it to my "to-read" pile!!

  2. It is indeed a really good book... I am not normally into this genre but I couldn't put it down! If you follow me on Twitter (follow the link on the right) you can enter a competition to win this book!

  3. I like the sound of this book & will be adding it to my to read list xx


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